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Corso Individuale di Hypnobirthing e Preparazione al Parto "Gentle Birth Method"

Corso Individuale di Hypnobirthing e Preparazione al Parto "Gentle Birth Method"

The purpose of the self-hypnosis and visualization program of the "The Gowri Way" method of gentle birth is to increase confidence, deepen the bond between mother, father and baby and remove the fear of the birth process.


The idea is that when the body and mind are in a completely relaxed state, birth can happen more quickly and painlessly because the body doesn't fight the natural process.


Hypnobirthing teaches relaxation, visualization and self-hypnosis skills.

This preparation seeks to give pregnant women a positive view of birth and the belief that childbirth does not have to be painful. The goal is   shorter and easier labor, with less need for surgery or pain relief . 

Basically, HypnoBirthing aims to help a woman deal with any fear or anxiety she may have around birth. It includes various relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques to help relax the body before and during labor and delivery.



The course lasts 4 weeks (1 meeting per week via Zoom).


1st Meeting - We learn Deep Relaxation and know our body better. This helps us to experience a healthy and peaceful pregnancy:

What is Hypnobirthing - Test-  Simple Guided Relaxation-Visualization - Diet - Dosha determination (individual nature), individual guidelines.


2nd Meeting - We learn to work and collaborate as a couple by creating a competent and ready "delivery team":

Exercises for Couples - Proof of Childbirth - Views.


3rd Meeting - We learn the process of childbirth in detail, result - the positive view of childbirth and elimination of fears related to childbirth:

 The Phases of Childbirth - Work with Fears - Views.


4th Meeting - The mother's body becomes strong and elastic and a clear vision of her birth is created. Let's prepare the suitcase for the birth together !:

Comfort measures during childbirth, visualizations, preparation of the body.


The course material (Videos, Documents, Audio)   remains available for the entire duration of pregnancy and also includes the pre-recorded course of Yoga, Meditation and Breathing._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_


The course is structured in 4 weekly meetings and includes the material in digital format available for i months following the pregnancy.

Lessons take place online at the agreed time via the Zoom platform.

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