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ENERGY HEALING at a distance

ENERGY HEALING at a distance

The techniques used  during sessions are:




In SanskritSat Nam Rasayanit means deep relaxation in the divine name. Sat Nam Rasayan is a meditative healing technique that arises from a universal capacity of the human mind.


Sat Nam Rasayan is the healing branch of Kundalini Yoga, used and taught by Guru Dev Singh. mind, i.e. the consciousness, to change the patient's pain or discomfort. Through this state of deep meditation the curator is able to  to dissolve blocks, tensions, conditioning and tendencies  which lead to discomfort or illness, whether they are of the_cc781905 type -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_physical, emotional and / or psychological.


Through the curator, who allows reality to manifest itself as it is,   what the patient rationally does not give permission for himself to express is expressed;  in this space the contractions dissolve, and healing occurs.


The meeting includes a short interview and a session of treatment through the meditative state of the curator who helps the patient to dissolve and make aware of the knots and possible ways out of the problems (physical, psychic, relational, spiritual).  


During the session the patient does not have to do anything but relax deeply. The name itself, Sat Nam Rasayan, actually means "Deep Relaxation in your True Identity". At the end they will be given a kriya or a Kundalini Yoga meditation to do at home, to integrate the work done.




The treatment ofReikiit has no contraindications and works with all kinds of diseases, malaise and pain.

The beneficial effects are immediately noticeable together with a process of

progressive purification of internal organs and glands.


The Reiki energy passes through the recipient of the treatment, dissolves the energy blocks,

accumulated tensions, possible causes of diseases or pathologies.


On the physical level


The Reiki treatment has a relaxing action on the nervous system, relaxes contracted muscles, relieves tension, regulates pressure, purifies the blood, tones the skin, sharpens sensory perceptions, stimulates the secretion of digestive juices and the excretion of waste from the affected glands.


On the emotional level


Reiki treatment brings back in touch with one's feelings, increases self-esteem and love, supports relationships with family members, helps to clarify nebulous and intricate situations, helps to let go of the past and to look with greater confidence. to the future, it helps to live the present moment more intensely.


On the Mental level


The Reiki treatment brings back clarity, lucidity, presence, determination, enthusiasm, awakens new interest in life and new projects. Increases awareness and consequently the ability to recognize and express one's truth, one's path, one's task in life. You gradually let go of control, worry, you find yourself calm even in the face of adversity, day after day you find joy, enthusiasm, the will to live.


On the spiritual level


Reiki treatment induces a state of greater confidence in oneself and in life, develops love and compassion for all creatures, one feels part of a whole that flows and flows, increases empathy and understanding for the others, we find ourselves feeling alive and present the vital energy of the universe.


After the treatment, you will feel 

a deep sense of well-being

and relaxation.




The treatment lasts from half an hour to about an hour depending on the case.


The person receiving the treatment is usually lying down and preferably wearing comfortable clothes.

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