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Contemporary Mind-Body Workout

Breath ♾ Movement ♾ Sound  ♾Meditation

It is  a profound work on the triad:
The class follows the rhythm of the six waves which consists in working with the breath, with the alternation of fluid (yin) and dynamic (yang) exercises, kriya, meditation, sound and deep relaxation.

The practice is accompanied by beautiful music while the delicious scent of essential oils is felt in the air. Every sense is stimulated and the total presence in the moment, with joy and serenity, becomes reality . 

The result is a strong and flexible body, a calm and resilient mind.

Thus yoga becomes the tool that transforms your life!


  °    Connection: Mantra, Pranayama.
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  °     Release: Intense and dynamic movements (Yang).
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   °  Integration: Savasana, energy cleansing with herbs and sacred resins, essential oils, final mantra.

Kundalini Yoga: Chi siamo
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