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Annual insurance

Annual insurance

  • Assicurazione annuale

    All membership cards issued to individual members include insurance protection for civil liability towards third parties; they also include insurance protection against accidents.

    Registered members are covered, under the aegis of AICS, for all activities carried out by the club that issued the card.

  • Information

    La tessera associativa base comprende le

    seguenti coperture assicurative: 1)infortunio con invalidità permanente

    massimale €80.000,00 - franchigia del 6%;

    2) infortunio con caso morte

    massimale € 80.000,00;

    3)infortunio con frattura - indennizzo di € 200,00;

    4)responsabilità civile verso terzi - massimale unico € 3.500.000,00 franchigia di € 500,00.

  • Information to be sent

    infocorsi @

    -name, surname, place e

    date of birth, residence and tax code

Excluding Sales Tax
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