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HYPNOBIRTHING Self-paced course

HYPNOBIRTHING Self-paced course

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Self-hypnosis teaches you to mentally detach yourself from your surroundings and enter a dream world that is safe and calm. You are awake but you are not really aware of what is happening around you: it feels like daydreaming. While you are relaxed, you are given tips to unconsciously prepare for a safe birth. Visualization will teach you to mentally "see" and influence structures within your body, eg. your muscles your cervix your hormones. You will also be taught how to communicate with your baby in your womb. The purpose of the self-hypnosis and visualization program of the "The Jeyarani Way" method of gentle birth is to increase confidence, deepen the bond between mother, father and baby and remove the fear of the birth process.


  • The pre-recorded course   gives access to the reserved area of the site.
  • The material remains available for 3 months from the date of purchase.
  • The price includes a Q&A email assistance.
  • Course contents



Example Curriculum




  • Welcome! (Video)

  • Jacobson's Relaxation and "The Safe Place" Visualization. (Audio. Duration 37:00 min; Video)

  • Simple guided relaxation. (Audio. Duration 10:40 min)

  • "Sweet Start" display (Audio. Duration 15:18 min)

  • Homework I


  • Couple exercise. Visualization: "The Childbirth Trial" (Video, 1h: 13 min)

  • Viewing "Proof of Birth". (Audio. Duration 31:00 min)

  • Display "Io & Te" (Audio. Duration 14:52 min)

  • Homework II


  • The Stages of Childbirth. (Video, 1h: 41min)

  • Visualization "Thinning of the Cervix" (Video, 12:51 min)

  • Visualization "Thinning of the Cervix" (Audio 28 min)

  • Fear Release Techniques. (Video, 4:26 min.) (4:26)

  • The SWISH. (Video 4:15 min.) (4:15)

  • View "Fears dissolve / change shape". (Audio. Duration 20:16 min)

  • Childbirth Positions.

  • Lactation. From pregnancy to postpartum with the midwife. (Video 1H).

  • Homework III


  • Comfort Measures. (Video 1h: 39 min). (99:28)

  • Vaginal Massage (Video).

  • Positive Affirmations for Childbirth. (Video)

  • "Self Love" display. (Audio. Duration 15:29 min)

  • Homework IV

  • "Conquering Pain" meditation (Video 4:43 min.) (4:42)

  • Childbirth preferences.

  • Childbirth suitcase: how to prepare for the big day.

  • Reading List

  • Heartfelt thanks for choosing the Gentle Birth Method!

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